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Ecological sustainability

requires a considerate use of natural resources in times of global warming and climate change. As part of an emissions-intensive industry, Werneke Logistic GmbH & CO. KG therefore always endeavours to do more than just provide transport services to contribute to a lower carbon dioxide emissions environment and thus to a higher quality of life.

One of the most important measures

and also a guideline for our concrete actions is to use the technologies of tomorrow today.

For this purpose,

our vehicles are equipped with the latest assistance systems, such as: turning, braking and lane keeping assistant, cruise control and much more.

In addition,

we have our drivers regularly trained by professional trainers and with the subcontractors we regularly engage, we make sure that at least the Euro V standard is met for those vehicles that are used for us.

For better understanding:

The average age of our vehicle fleet is 1.8 years. Accordingly, we always use the latest exhaust and engine technology, which leads to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. In comparison to our fleet from 2015, each of our trucks today emits on average 10 percent less CO2.

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